Come and visit the first diamond museum in the Czech Republic. It's not to be missed!

History of the Museum

Learn about the history of the first diamond museum in the Czech Republic. The Katz family have devoted themselves to the tradition of diamond processing for decades and don’t just concentrate on cutting diamonds but also on producing jewellery.

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The Tour / Exhibition

A voyage through the age-old history of diamonds awaits you in our exhibition. We explain how they are created and the journey which takes them from mining, processing, cutting, sorting and the final assessment to the dazzling and wonderful jewellery of today.

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The Finished Product

Our portfolio of jewellery is truly extensive and is suitable for a variety of budgets, large or small.  The value of a diamond is not solely based on its size, but on its cut, clarity and colour.  This is something we pride ourselves on.  Certificates are guaranteed.

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 “Amazing to see the whole process from a raw Diamond to a brilliant gorgeous Diamond all shining.” – Sonia Slanky

“Unique museum, not too big. But interesting if you want to find out about diamonds industry. Also a nice cafe for taking a rest.” – Ronald W

“Great place, very interesting, and the kids really enjoyed it!” – Ilana Kushnir

“Glittering place, informative exposure, beautiful treasures!” – Petra Frantová

“During a half-hour tour of the underground part of the museum you will learn about the ancient history of diamonds, its generation, mining, machining and grinding. At the top of the museum, you have a shop with beautiful jewellery at affordable prices and great service. And one can enjoy a quiet drink at a cafe. A visit to the museum is also recommended for families with children. Be sure to learn something new!” – Marcelz304